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Wedding on Hawaii

Ua ola loko i ke aloha - Love is the source of Life...Hawaiian Proberb

Marriage on old Hawaii had little bit different meaning that in modern times.

People were living close to each other in Ohanas, in small villages.

Members of Ohanas were working together, and enjoying time after sunset in close interactions. Marriage from this point of view was not mauking such dramatic change of style of life, as in our modern culture.

Yet, marriage decission was anyway an important events in Ohana. Announcing marriage had a meaning to clarify the decission to stay closer to certain person intimatly that to others.

Children were rised anyway within Ohana, with many other children of other parents. Man were working together, fishing or hunting, women were making tapa clothes and take care of the house.

During the period time women were resting in special type of hause, decidating this time for cleaning ownself physicaly and spiritualy and recover energy. Man were preparig food as a normal task in everyday life.

Hawaiian culture was protected from influences for tausends of years. Their culture remain very spiritual. The meaning of Aloha, the spiritual Love was not lost until arrival warriors from Tahiti about 1200 AD.

Aloha were the main value why people were choosing to create intimate relationships. They did not need to search for sex, they had no blocks for sexual happiness in their culture. So, sex did not became an obsession as in western culture. Sex was not a primary reason to stay close to each other, but loving feeling, which could be expressed in sexual act.

Arrival of people from western culture, with different values and new religious beliefs changed a lot. Yes still, which you visit Hawaii, can find the Spirit of Aloha very alive there. This is what make a difference between Hawaii and many other places with nice beaches in the world.

Hawaii today still can open us for living closer to the Spirit of Aloha...

Wedding on Hawaii with Auntie Maile Napoleon

Auntie Maile Napoleon takes visitors to Hawaiian beachers and she is giving them Hawaiian blessings to live with Aloha in their marriage.

Big Island, Hawaii
Phone: 1-808-887 2675

Mahalo Auntie for your open Heart & Joy!


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