Pacific Ocean Manta Ray

Manta Ray, Dophins, Wales
& Sharks on Hawaii

He ola i ka leo ka-hea...
Hawaiian people will offer you hospitality and care,
a Traveller..

Hahalua - Manta Ray

Hahalua it's a Hawaiian name of manta ray.

On Hawaiian island you will meet with friendly hahalua. We swam with them safely!

Hahalua are vegetarians, only they looks little bit scary!

If you are in the night in Pacific Ocean and they are swimming toward you, be ready for outstanding view. You will be able to see their deep stomach! By widely opening huge mought they simply collect food.

Manta rays are feeding during the night. They come closer to the shore where you have change to seen them in their natural sourraunding.

Mano - Sharks

Sharks were on old Hawaii treated with great honor and respect. They were often treated as friends not as enemy of humans. There are many legends which tell about help of sharks for humans.

Often sharks were considered to be an Aumakua animal for Ohana - the brigde between the world of Spirits and Humans.

Today on Hawaii you meet many types of shark fishes, which are looking scary, but are rather interested in small fishes not a humans. Generall rule on Hawaii is that you don't swimm after the sunset and with any injuries - as a way to respect that there is time for humans to enjoy ocean and time for sharks to use their natural environment.

Mano - Dolphins

In old times there was no significant difference in treating sharks and dolphins on old Hawaii. Both were considered to be friendly, both had strong connection to Humans.

Dolphins are visiting Hawaiian islands during summer time. They come here to bive birht to their babies. You can't compare the view of new born baby dophins learing to jump with anything! You need to remember although, that there are very strong rules kept by Hawaiian as well as visitors to not disturb dophins in their rest, when they come closer to the beaches. Enjoy and respect their need for rest!

Wales come to Hawaii during winter time to give birht to their babies. It's another famous view on Hawaii - like a "cigarette smoke" fountains visible in some places near Kohala volcano on Big Island, Hawaii. Once we have been in water, when two wales came our from deep ocean... time stopped, when bodies like huge walls were moving in total silence in front of our eyes... no words really..

Trip into Pacific Ocean with cpt.Nancy Sweat

Nancy Sweat is the captain on Big Island Hawaii. With her you can experience watching wales during days and manta ray underwater world in the night.

We learned from Nancy to appreciate Pacific waters with huge turtles, doplhins, wales, small sharks and much more!

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Mahalo Nancy for you great experience and open heart!

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