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Hawaiian Art Traditions

Hawaiian Lua Art

Hawaiian Lua training on Hawai'i

Lua is a short name of Kapu Kuialua or Pa Kaialua. It means in general Hawaiian traditional marshal art. In direct traslation means „forbidden marshal art”.

Traditionaly Lua was taught only for highest chief family members. It was forbidden to teach it to other members of society.

Modern Lua include elements of jujustu, judo, karate and aikido although oroginal roots of Lua go probably back into very ancient times.

Lua warriors keep their heads shaved and put oil on their bodies, what make it easy to escape from being cought.

The practice on Hawaii still performing the old art of Lua - great person Oloe Kolomono „Sol” Kaihewalu and Olohe David Nuuhiwa.

They keep alive not only teachniques but as well the values of old Hawaiian marshal art. Mahalo!


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