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Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage. It was developed by centuries in cultural isolation from the rest of the world (except Polynesia). Traditionaly Lomilomi was made by ka po'e lomilomi or kanaka lomi.

Lomilomi massage was used by Kahuna la'au lapa'au as a part of the process which bring healh to the body. Kahuna Haha would use Lomilomi massage as diagnostic tool. Lomilomi was used for maintainig new born babies health as well as for the childhood as the healing and prevention tool. Especially members of Ali'i (chiefs) family were treated with lomilomi regularly.

Lomilomi techniques

Lomilomi massage include using hands but not only. The elbrows, kneew, upper hands were used as integral part of lomilomi. Additionaly hot stones have been used (lava pebles). The pressure can be strong and intensive in some part of the body. Generally LOmilomi massage is gentle and focused on opening emotional information, which we keep hidden deep in the body. After Lomilomi person feel usually deep relax.

Lomilomi styles

Lomilomi massages were differing depend on the island and family traditions. Beside health, the massage was used for strengtening body for marshal art practitioners, for example in 'olohe lua. Lomilomi is not treated as phisycal treatment. The emotional, mental and spiritual state of the person who is doing the massage is very important. In some family traditions on Hawaii, lomilomi massage was treated as a form of meditation, which have been used for transforming deep dificult emotions into a healing process.

Special tyle of Lomilomi was used for babies. Their heads have been massaged to keep the shape of the head beutiful, their noses have been treated with lomilomi reagularly, espacially for children from Ali'i family. Another Lomilomi was knows for pregnant women, another for old people.

For learning lomilomi were used small lava pebbles which have been moved along the drown shape of human body. It helped practitioners to remember the sequences of the treatments, anatomy of the body and other details.

Lomilomi as part of Ho'oponopono

Lomilomi was integral part of Ho'oponopono - ancient Hawaiian proces for healing relationships. Lomilomi helps to connect with deep emotions, which may be disociated for many years. Lomilomi massage can open the deeply hidden traumas and help to contact with conciously forgotten roots of current life problems. When strong emotions are exposed, there is the change to heal relationship, in which emotions were created. Sometimes Lomilomi massage can open deep proces of healing families, starting with cry during the massage, finishing with great happiness months later. Lomilomi practitioners teach own clients to accept strong emotions and follow them instead of disociating.

Lomilomi today on Hawaii

For many years Lomilomi was practiced only non oficcially due to american health low. Today there is the permisson for official practice for Lomilomi. Teachers pass the knowlegde to next generations so that ancient Hawaiian knowledge will be not forgotten. There are many schools and styles, one of the most respected on Big Island Hawaii is the line of Kahuna Auntie Margaret Machado.

Lomilomi in the family of Auntie Margaret Machado - Auntie Nerita Machado

Family Machado from Big Island Hawaii continues practicing Lomilomi massage for centuries. It's one of the greatest traditions on Hawaiian islands - very respected by Hawaiian as well by visitors from all over the world. Auntie Margaret Machado was deepely concern to pass the Aloha tradition in LOmilomi. Her famous statement to people interested in learning lomilomi, was that "it is not as much important the techniques but the Loving Heart, which the person would have. That the love which connects two people in the process of Lomilomi massage can be more transforming than teachnical perfection. It was known that people who were comming from all over the world to Auntie Margaret, were spontaniously crying in her presence. The purity of heart was so much the center of ancient Hawaiian culture - present in Auntie Margaret attitude to people.

Today after Auntie Margared passed away, her daugher, Auntie Nerita Machado continues the loving traditions of her family LOmilomi style. For many of our friends massage with Auntie Nerita were trasforming - as they say long after the massage. You will find Auntie Neria close to Captain Cook on Big Island

Mahalo nui loa Auntie Nerita!

Lomilomi with Auntie Maile Napoleon

Auntie Maile Napoleon lives in Waimea. She represent differnet type of Lomilomi - connected with laughter and never ending joy. Auntie has such amount of energy, that you deeply believe you meet a jung woman. Auntie Mailie forever will stay jung!

Thank you Auntie Maile!
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