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Hawaiian Traditions

Hawaiian Ipu Art

Hawaii as the source of an unique art in the world

On old Hawaii instuments and things for everyday use were created in an artistic manner. The symbols had a meaning, the colors and shapes were expressing important messages.

The designs on Ipu - Hawaiian gourds were beautiful and made in a special way.

How to make this art was forgotten for a long time, due to dominance of western culture. For nearly a century any part of Hawaiian culture was not in use in official life.

Times changes and traditional Hawaiian art start to be alive again.

Hawaiian people as well their white friends are searching who to preserve the unique ancient art expressions.

One of such pioneers is Michael Harburg

Michael is one of these people who decided to re-discover the art of Ipu.

Ipu Art of Michael Harburg

Traditionally Hawaiians did not painted gourds for making them beautiful. They had a special technique for making the pictures. The techique was re-dicrovered by Michael as result of pacient and long reseraches. Today he is possibly the only one on Hawaii, who make Ipu art in old, traditional ways.

You are welcome to see his art on his web site:


When you visit Big Island, Hawaii, visit his gallery:

Ipu Hale Gallery, Big Island, Hawaii

Machalo Michael for your beautiful Ipu art!

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