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Hawaiian Traditions

He ola i ka leo ka-hea...
The Hawaiian people will offer you hospitality and care,
a Traveller..
We hope to bring an insight into traditions of Hawaiian culture through eyes of Haoles, who love Hawai'i very much. We wish this web site can serve as a bridge between heart-open Hawaiian people and mind-focused Westerners. Aloha Hawai'i Cross-Culture Research Center.TM

The Hawaiian Islands are some of the most remote places in the world. To reach the Hawaiian islands you need to travel over 2000 miles from any direction. The Hawaiian archipelago had a long and peaceful existence until 1778 when James Cook, the famous sea captain, "discovered" Hawaii for the modern world... Due to its remote location, Hawaii remained untouched by western influences and culture for such a long time which has made it possible to preserve a great amount of ancient world heritage. The great grandparents of today's current generation of Hawaiians can still remember the arrival of Captain Cook and the enormous changes it brought to the islands. From that time on, the ancient Hawaiian beliefs was influenced by new concepts and beliefs from western culture; traditional Hawaiian culture became intertwined with 'white' peoples culture, which created unexpected results - some great as well as tragic.

The traditional Hawaiian world can be described as a world of harmonious cooperation between gods, humans and nature.

The vast amount of ancient wisdom was preserved in chants, which Kahunas passed on from one generation to the next. Under the protection of the goddess Pele, Hawaiians lived for centuries and preserved consciously and unconsciously the spiritual treasures for all of humanity. Today, the beautiful and intricate Hula dance attracts people from all over the world to the Hawaiian Islands. The Aloha Culture - the culture of spiritual connection between people and nature as well as Pono governs the rules - the wisdom of choosing right actions - are possibly the most important legacy for the entire planet from ancient Hawaii.

In remote areas, on forgotten beaches, or in front of the flow of a red river of lava, one can suddenly remember important wisdom which was passed on to tausands of generations of humans from all different races a very long time ago. Today, some of these races may have disappeared but their heritage is still present... We can reawaken the Spirituality of ancient Hawaiian life in our modern world by remembering that we are spiritual beings. This awareness of who we really are, can transform our lives on the planet earth for the better...

Mahalo to our Hawaiian teachers - Kahunas, Kupuna and Kumu as well as to strangers met on the streets and beaches for their teaching, hospitality and friendship!

Practice presented here is about searching our human roots for healthy, honest life with Hawaiians as Teachers.

Aloha & Mahalo!
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