Sunset Ho'oponopono practice on Hawaii

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Hawaiian Traditions

Traditional Ho'oponopono practice on Hawai'i

Hawaiian Traditions - Healing Relationhips

Mahalo Auntie Mona Kahele from Big Island Hawai'i for your example, how to live life and help people.

Traditional Hawaiian Ho'oponopono represent a deep knowledge about brinning balance into relationships.

It heals not a single person, but the relationship between two parties. Healing require skills and deep involvement on both sides - of a healer and people which experience loss of trust in their relationship.

Short Ho'oponopono can be enough if small problem occured. The simple conversation for bringing the clarity about what happened and about how to bring good feeling for both people - can be enough.

For serious problem Ho'oponopono was made on old Hawaii as long as needed. The goal was not to heal a single person, but to restore ballance in Ohana (extended family). Traditional Ho'oponopono was led by somebody skilled in emotional issues - usually in old time is was a Kahuna or Kupuna (the elder). In the words "Kahuna" you find two words - "kahu" the keeper, and "na" - ballance.

Kahuna in traditional Ho'oponopono was "Keeper of the Ballance".

Because Hawaiian people lived very close with each other, emotional and relationship ballance was very important for their existence.

Islands are small and there is not much possibilites to excape if person did a serious harm.In many ways the geographical situation was supproting spiritual values of Hawaiian culure.

Values of Pono and Aloha were spiritual values. Hawaiian shamans and healers were supporting with their skills and action these valuse for society benefits.

Practice of Ho'oponopono required to do Kala - cleansing rituals. Journey to the dream reality with burden of guilt (because person did harm to somebody) was not recommended. To clean relationship with anybody who the person mistreated in eveyday actions, was part of normal Hawaiian life.

How to use traditional Ho'oponopono today?

To use traditional Ho'oponopono in modern societies we need to build hierarchy of strong values again.

With traditional Ho'oponopono is possible to bring deep peace and sense of existence into life. Yet, work can be painful sometimes. As result of traditional Ho'oponopono healing, people can become free from traumatic emotional reactions, from toxic bonds and family traditionas. Traditional Ho'oponopono have power to heal physical diseases as well (when their base lie in emotional and spiritual reality).

Traditional Ho'oponopono is giving fantastic results when person choose to accept value of honesty. Not many people can take this path in western sociesties. Those who do, enjoy changes in life, imcomparable with any drug treatment...

Traditional Ho'oponopono differs totaly from new methods under the same name. New methods assume that the "leader" in Ho'oponopono is not needed any more, that all changes can be done in own mind. The problem with such approach comes, when the changes in mind are done by person who have done harm to others, and even worse - is continuing of such actions in the future.

Then the concept of self-forgiveness may lead the relationship to complete distruction.

The leader on traditional Ho'oponopono was needed to recognize the right and wrong actions.

People who were harming others with their words, emotions, intentions and actions were supposed to stop such actions (insted to forgive themselfs!). Next they were expected to create lots of new actions toward those who they harmed, so that vistims of their harm could gradually restore the trust in them again.

Victims of harm were not expected on old Hawai'i to "forgive" the abusers. In contrary - abusers were expected to stop harm and create new, healthy, honest, love-oriented actions. This is the main and very important difference between traditional Ho'oponopono and modern solutions created by single individuals in last years under the same title.

Mahalo & Aloha!

Information comes from practice with Kahuna Ho'oponopono, Auntie Mona Kahele from Big Island Hawai'i & own 15 yeas of practice of using traditional Ho'oponopono in healing.
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