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Promotion of Hawaiian Tradition and Culture

Hawaiian Studies

Hawaiian Traditions and Activities

He ola i ka leo ka-hea...
Hawaiian people will offer you hospitality and care,
a Traveller..

You are welcome to join our activities for promotion Hawaiian culture!

Cross-Culture Trainings in Organisations

1. How to negotiate fair? Hawaiian Pono Rules
2. How to cooperate succesful? - Hawaiian Ohana Inspirations
3. How to create friendly relationship in workplace - Aloha

Culture Trainings in High Schools and Universities

1. Sports on Pacific Islands
2. Pono - Hawaiian rule of apropriate actions in cooperation
3. Hawaiian Hula dance - Tradition and Joy of Life

Educational Programs for Kindergardens

1. How people live on Pacific Islands
2. Mother Nature on Hawaii
3. Chants and Dance of the World - our Grandparents Experiences

Relationship Training for Individuals, Couples and Families

1. Ho'oponopono - Happy Relationships
2. Family Traditions - Hawajskie Mapy
3. Ho'omanamana - Creating onw Life
4. OHana Aloha - Happy Parthership

You are welcome to join our educational programs!

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