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Hawaiian courses
Hula dance,
Lomilomi massage,
Traditional Ho'oponopono

Hula Dance Training

Hawaiian Hula dance has very long traditions. Chants of Hula include names of 95 generations of dancing Hula people. Hula was originally not a dance for entertainment, but the way to talk to Gods, the tool of a shaman, Kahuna.

Today exist two types of Hula - ancient traditional Hula Kahiko and modern entertainment Hula Auana. You are welcome to join the workshop and practice on Hawaii and in Europe.

Lomilomi Training

Lomilomi is the name of traditional Hawaiian massage. From Lomilomi were developed styles on New Zealand, mauri massage and other types as well.

Lomilomi was originally not just a physical body treatment, but a deep emotional healing. Today many people all over the world learn Lomilomi for deeper understanding of their emotions.

Traditional Ho'oponopono Training

Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian traditions relationship healing practice. The roots of Ho'oponopono come from ancient times, when Aloha & Pono culture existed on Hawaii.

Ho'oponopono in traditional understanding was a deep healing of relationship. For this reason were used skills of healing traumas, toxic bonds, making free from spirits of dead and much more.

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