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Hawaiian Kahuna, Kumu
& Kupuna

Whose life and actions gave guidance….

O ka pono ke hana 'ia a iho mai na lani...

Papa Henry Auwae

Kahuna Nui for many years was the most renowned healer in Hawaii, the Hawaiian Living Treasure. Papa Henry learned the art of healing from his grandfather, who had lived on island before captain Cook “discovered” Hawaii for the modern world. He started practicing healing during his early teenage years. His whole life was dedicated to helping people sort out their internal and external problems. The wisdom that Papa shared with us, works not only in Hawaii but also for many people in the modern world. Papa Henry's famous statement that “your body reflects your relationships” is the base for our journey to understand oneself better and create a healthier life.

Never-ending Mahalo, Papa Henry..

He lani i luna, he honua i lalo...

Auntie Mona Kahele

Kumu Ho’oponopono, Kupuna in the area of Kona. She learned how to understand the deep meaning of healthy relationships from her grandfather Kahuna. Even in her last years, in wheelchair, she was ready to help anyone at anytime. This woman with endless compassion and goodwill, has shared her notes about healing and future predictions with us. We were blessed by Auntie Mona to teach healing techniques and philosophy in our modern reality.

Thank You Auntie Mona for your heart, wisdom and patience. And for your Blessing ...

I ho'o kahi kahi ke aloha...

Auntie Margaret Machado

Kahuna Lomi Lomi from Big Island. Auntie is now 91 years old. She still gives her blessings to lomi lomi students. Auntie Margaret's life motto is ”tough love” which she applies to her students. She has shared the traditional Hawaiian approach towards massage with many people; that love in the touch is just as important as the techniques.

Thank you Auntie for your Loving Touch...A true Hawaiian treasure from bygone days.

Auntie Nerita Machado

Kumu Lomi Lomi, the daughter of Auntie Margaret Machado. She continues the traditions of lomi lomi , teaching massage in their little house on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Aloha traditions are preserved with groups from all over the world.

Hope Ilima Keawe and John Keawe

This amazing couple maintains the traditions of Hawaii through chants and dance. John is one of the most renowned artists in Hawaii, his music is heard everywhere - with a gentle and deep voice which takes us back hundreds of years to the time when Hawaii was Hoku a Keawe... John's wife - Hope represents the most beautiful traditions of Hi'iaka - always patient, delicate and with an open heart. We remember you Auntie - when you danced for us as if time had stopped - with unlimited energy and an endless desire to share your experiences.. Thank you Uncle and Auntie!

Auntie Maile Napoleon

The Smiling Woman. Auntie Maile is a non-denominational minister - she can perform a traditional Hawaiian wedding for you with leis made from beautiful fresh Hawaiian flowers and accompanied by beautiful chants. Auntie Maile will bring her joy and positive approach towards life into your own life.

Papa John from Big Island

Thank your for our safety in our journeys and exercises in the deep jungle, Papa John! We did not know at that time, how important these life lessons were. With you like a spirit, disappearing and coming back just at the right moment, we will never forget the depth of your wisdom! Thank you for the group exercises which encapsulate the real Aloha. You are the embodiment of the living Pono.. Machalo and see again soon!

Auntie Miriam Baker

This amazing woman works with the Awaiku, (Hawaiian Angels). Her ability to create things from nothing is astonishing. For people who don’t understand the rules of reality – she practices pure magic. Uncle John Waipio was a close friend of Auntie Miriam. We continue with her knowledge and experiences.

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