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Hula today - is connected with the picture of beautiful woman nearly naked moving their hips to flowing rhythm of nice radio music. Best with coconuts on their breasts and grass on her hips. How remote is this image from the traditional Hawaiian hula dance?

Traditional Huna dance was a temple dance. It was originally performed by young men and women before they reached adulthood. The traditional hula dance was performed for gods, not humans. Hula was the language in which Kahunas of a certain type would talk to gods...

To be a hula dancer, required the person to be full of purity - of intentions as well of the body. When hula dancers were ready to create their own family and were ready for sexual intimacy, it marked the end of their servitude to the gods in the manner of being a hula dancer.

Hula was the way to tell stories, to send messages to higher energies, with which Kahunas were closely linked. Kahunas invoked gods for healing, support, and strength. Such conversations was an intimate experience for both Kahuna and hula dancers.

It was 1883 when hula was first presented to the public - with the permission of the Hawaiian king Kalakaua. From that time on, the tradition of using and performing hula have changed. A new type of hula was created- Hula Auana - an entertainment type of dance. Today most of the hula which you see on TV, film or different media is Hula Auana.

The old type Hula Kahiko is performed today mostly during specials event in Hawaii - traditional festivals and within Halau's - old types of hula schools.

Hula Ala'a-papa - highest rank Hula
Hula pa-ipu or kuolo - with ipu accompainment, usually on the knees
Hula Ki'i - while using Ki'i - marionettes
Hula pahu - with pahu drum accompainment
Hula Uli-Uli - with uli-uli accompainment, hand rattles.
Hula Puili - with bamboo sticks
Hula Ka-laau - hula with sticks accompainment
Hula Ili-Ili - with pebbles accompainament
Hula Ka-Eke-Eke - hula with bamboo instrument
Hula Niau-Kani - one classic hula dance
Hula Ohe - Ohe Hano Ihu - nose flet accompainment

Hula Kahiko & Hula Auana on Hawaii today

There are many schools of hula today on Hawaii as well in many countries in the world. The school of hula is called Halau. Students can be small children, who are taught the ancient forms and adults who seek to learn Hula Auana.

Hula Kahiko forms are generally more advanced on every level - from the physical to the spiritual. Hula Auana is dedicated to bring happiness and pleasure, in contrary to Hula Kahiko, whose goal is to preserve knowledge and allow contact with higher energies.

For traditional purposes, hula dancers wear beautiful fresh flower leis and tapa clothes when dancing hula. There are many styles of performing Hula as well various styles of clothing that exist on Hawaii which are beautiful and inspirational.

For traditional performances Hula dancers meet at a certain time of year on Big Island Hawaii near the Haleuma'uma'u crater to dance for the goddess Pele or on Kauai island in the oldest existing Hula temple, where the 90th generation of hula dancers still pray to the goddess Laka. .


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