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Hawaiian Music

Hawaiian & Polynesian Chants

Traditional Hawaiian chants were very often recited with the specific rhythm and accompaniament of drums. The music was rather simple. The chanted stories were more important than the "song" in sense of its artistic qualities.

Chants were part of old Hawaiian tradition and important part of life. Because Hawaiians had no written language in western sense, an important information were passed on from one generation to the next in chants.

Usually the first child was taught important information from family traditions. This child was not raised by own parents but by grandparents for the purpose of this training. Anyway the child was close to his/her parents, bacuse they were living in the same village anyway.

The child would participate in rituals and habits of Kahunas or Kupunas, growing up in the atmosphere of wisdom. Later in life, the child would naturally start using the absorbed knowledge.

Traditional Hawaiian music was simple in melody but very rich in poetry, meaning, and form expressions.

Mahalo John & Hope Keawe for your music & dance!

Mahalo Israel Kamaikawaiwo'ole! We will always remember You!

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