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Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean

He ola i ka leo ka-hea...
Hawaiian people will offer you hospitality and care,
a Traveller..

Hawai'i - Home of ancestors

Hawaii in geographical terms is an archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But more important are the Ohana, those who live there...

Hawai'i means in proto-polynesian language "homeland" and "home of ancestors".

Hawaii is a very unique place in entire world. First it is the most isolated place on the earth in terms of the distance - you travel over 2000 miles from any country! It has the highest mountain in the world - Mauna Kea volcano, which is over 10000 m high (this includes half of the mountain which is hidden underwater in the ocean) - this makes it higher than Mount Everest!.

On Hawaii you can find the safest and most active volcano in the world - where a river of red lava flows for years every day to the ocean creating huge white waterclouds, where the molten lava meets cool ocean water...Here one can find the most beautiful beaches on the world, the second wettest place in the world, the second highest waterfall on earth and the Great Canyon of the Pacific Ocean.

Here you can see remains of ancient cultures and different species of human beings- Menehune with a forgotten language on fields of petroglyphs. Here humpback whales come in the winter to give birth to their children and in the summer dolphins choose Hawaii as the place to teach their newborn babies how to jump. One can find the safest jungles in the world - without snakes and animals that are dangerous to humans, in remote heiaus you can talk to Hawaiian Aumakuas and connect deeply with nature.

Hawai'i is the home for many unique and indigenous species of plants and animals. Some of them are symbolic for Hawaiian Home:

Nene - Hawaiian goose
humuhumunukunukuapua'a - fish in the ocean
kohala - whale in ocean
black coral
andyellow hibiscus

The Hawaiian islands attract many tourists with their beautiful huna dancers on white beaches under coconut trees. But Hawaii today is not only about beauty.

Nowadays, Hawaii is a place where different cultures meet in amazing array of rain forests, jungles, craters, and rocky deserts. From the top of Mauna Loa mountain, you can look down at the white clouds in the sky and look up into our vast Milky Way galaxy .

Today, Hawaii is home of the Kama'aina - descendants of pure Hawaiian natives, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Europeans, Filipinos, Samoans and Americans. Over 7 million tourists from all over the world come to Hawaii each year - visiting mainly Waikiki on Oahu island. Apart from Honolulu city on Oahu, Hawaii remains a very tranquil place with narrow roads, forgotten paths and hidden waterfalls...

Legends and myths, real stories and fairy tales together create an amazing and colorful world which represents modern Hawaii. The islands are full of Buddhist temples and Catholic churches in the jungle which all pave the way to Goddess Pele - Goddess of the volcano which is very important in Hawaiian life. Hawaiian friends give advice:

If you drive in the night and an old lady stops you and asks for cigarette, it's best to fulfill her wish and stay friendly..."


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