Hawaiian flower Kauai, Hawaiian islands

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Vacation on Hawaiian Islands

Expedition Kauai & Oahu

He ola i ka leo ka-hea...
Hawaiian people will offer you hospitality and care,
a Traveller..

Learning from Hawaiian people
Aloha and Pono values in everyday Life
Animals & Nature as Teachers
Learning how to respect & to be grateful

Experience Polynesian Culture

Cultural Center of Polynesia
- cultural events from Polynesian islands:
- New Zeland, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Marquesas and Hawaii
- great movies about traditional events on Hawaii
- traditional Polynesian music and dance

Healing Nature:

- plants used by Kahunas Lapau lapa'au in old times
- jungle & waterfalls
- fantastic beaches
- sea salt collecting
- hula dance practice

Traditional Ho'oponopono - healing relationships
- living and cooperating within Ohana
- use in life values of Aloha & Pono

Quiet is better than noisy
Happy is better than powerful
We all share Life...
Expedition is a free practice for students only due to specific need for respect & pono actions.

Basic training: relationship & emotional health

seminar 1.    Aloha, Kala & Pono - Healing Difficult Emotions
seminar 2.    Traditional Ho'oponopono - Healing Important Relationships
seminar 3.    Hawaiian Relationships Maps - Healing Toxic Family Traditions

Expeditions Hawaii & Nepal

Expedition to Nepal -     Tibetan shamanic traditions
Expedition Hawaii, Big Island -      Hawaiian Culture of Aloha
Expedition Kauai & Oahu -      Old shamanic traditions on Hawaii

Advanced training: Shamanic Traditions
seminar 1.     Healthy Food Happy Spirit - Herbs, Minerals & Diet
seminar 2.     Elements Wai Ha Honua Ahi - Ancient perception of reality
seminar 3.     I'o & Kumulipo - Hawaiian Map of Creation
seminar 4.     Moe Uhane - Challenges & Dreaming
seminar 5.     Holoholona Mana Kia'i - Nature and Animals Spirits
seminar 6.     Uhane noho - Spirits and Ghosts
seminar 7.     Ho'ike na ka Po - Strengh of Ancestors
seminar 8.     Ohana Aloha - Happy Partnership
seminar 9.     Huna Awaiku - Awaiku conciousness
seminar 10.   Drumming & Dreaming - Projects for Earth

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