Hawaiian flower Kauai, Hawaiian islands

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Vacation on Hawaiian Islands

Expedition Kauai & Oahu

He ola i ka leo ka-hea...
Hawaiian people will offer you hospitality and care,
a Traveller..

Experience Hawaiian Culture

we Visit famous Cultural Center of Polynesia
- watch cultural events from island of Polynesia
- New Zeland, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Marquesas and Hawaii
- watch great movie about traditional events on Hawaii
- enjoy traditional Polynesian music and dance


- learn about Healing plants used by Kahunas Lapau lapa'au in old times
- enjoy Kawa kawa - ancient shamanic drink,
- practice lomilomi massage with bamboo sticks
- praktice Hula Kahiko and Auaha
- practice chanting hawaiian chants

Visit ancient heiau's

Learn about
- Hawaiian spiritual power
- Ancient Hawaiian tribes

We walk:
- though the jungle to waterfalls
- on fantastic beaches
- and collect sea salt - like Hawaiians in old times

We meditate on beaches - in the morgning and in the night chanting Hawaiian healing chants

practice elements of the training:

"Hawaiian Healing & Spirituality Traditions":

- Ho'oponopono - healing relationships
- living and cooperating within Ohana
- use in life practice Aloha and Pono

- Ho'omanamana - using Elements in practice
- Hakalau Dreaming practice
- and more..

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